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The People Behind the Foundation

Take a look at those faces… precious hey?

Gary Peters, LoveLocalJobs Foundation CIC

Gary Peters


Paul Scrivens, LoveLocalJob Foundtion CIC

Paul Scrivens

Commercial Director

Christina Edscer

Christina Fishlock

Head of Community Programmes

Jack the Lad, LoveLocalJobs Foundation CIC

Jack "the lad" Hayes

Programme Lead for Dare to Dream


Claire Beech

Senior Account Manager

Lisa Pratt, LoveLocalJobs Foundation CIC

Lisa Pratt

Community Programmes Co-ordinator

Hannah Pollock.jpeg

Hannah Pollock

Finance Manager

Kate Peters

Kate Peters

Head of Finance


Fay Van Der Westhuizen 

Head of People & Operations


Our Ambassador, Harry Redknapp

Harry Redknapp kicked-off the Foundation's launch in October 2018. But why Harry? 

Many years ago (too many for Gary to admit!) Harry gave Gary an opportunity that would change his life forever! Whilst travelling in Australia to live with his girlfriend Kate (now wife and our fabulous Finance Director) Gary literally bumped into Harry Redknapp on sunny beach on the Gold Coast. Gary was without a job at the time, had dropped out of college twice, didn't want to pursue football and was becoming desperate for a break of some kind. Gary being Gary stopped to chat with Harry and twenty minutes later Harry invited him to play for West Ham United at the infamous Suncorp Stadium in Queensland – against the Australian Olympic team, the Olyroos! Yes, Harry literally asked him to step up and play for the first team against Australia’s best young talent!


Fast forward several months, Gary came back to the UK and secured a job with a leading recruitment company, all because of that chance Harry gave to him several months before. Gary and Harry were reunited very recently when Harry officially launched our LoveLocalJobs Foundation C.I.C and Harry gladly agreed to be one of our very inspirational ambassadors. Thank you Harry for the opportunity you gave to Gary all those years ago and thank you for all your support now – you are a true legend! 

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