Our impact and success

Every day our aim is to give young people a positive lookout on their future. Ever since LoveLocalJobs.com Limited was founded in 2010, we’ve focused on creating phenomenal futures for our future workforce. Thanks to our amazing partners and supporters we have been able to help 2,044 students, but this is just the beginning!

Over the last five years, Be the Change alone has worked with 2,044 secondary school students, 1,920 primary school students, 137 Businesses, 100 schools and 624 Business guides.


Our impact reports measure work we've done in the last twelve months, across our Be the Change programme in Hastings, Leicester, Crawley, Brighton and Chichester. 

In 2019 we launched two new programmes: Take the Leap and Dare to Dream. The impact of these programmes will be published in summer 2020 once we have a full academic year of progress behind us.

Crunching the numbers

Here are just a few ways your small change is given a big purpose:

81% increase

68% increase


Initially only 5% of students felt positive about their future, up to 86% by the end of the programme

Initially only 8% of students understood what employers were looking for, up to 76% at the end of the programme

From all programmes 100% of business volunteers enjoyed volunteering and felt good about being able to help others

One of our key schools reported the following improvements after participating in one of our programmes:

55% of students improved their attendance

​This was an overall reduction of 50% of behaviour points for the cohort

79% of pupils improved their lateness

83% of pupils reduced the amount of detentions they receive 

97% of pupils reduced the amount of behaviour points they received

There was a 50% reduction in the amount of exclusions

Our commitment

Our commitment is to raise the aspirations of all local young people, breaking down barriers and linking them with local employers to provide them with opportunities they may not otherwise have access to.

Impact reports & press cuttings

Gatwick / Crawley participant feedback report 2018/19

Chichester participant feedback report 2019

Brighton participant feedback report 2019

Read some of our amazing testimonials

Our press cuttings

Current impact reports are from our longest running programme Be the Change. Over the course of the academic year 2019/20 we will be evaluating all of our programmes to be published in Summer 2020.