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Be the Change is a ground breaking, inspirational programme aimed at students who may face challenges and difficulties within their school environment. The programme focuses on happiness, confidence, hope, relationships and employability and encourages students to identify their personal barriers to success, before helping them find ways of overcoming them. The infamous programme has been created in partnership with the genius that is Graham Moore from humanutopia.

Business representatives from organisations across the local area are invited to be involved in the programme as business guides and positive role models – they work closely with the students, sharing their experiences and stories of their career journeys, as well as encouraging the students and listening to their day to day struggles.

Meeting on up to 6 separate occasions during the academic year (including three large scale conferences, 1:1 sessions and workplace visits), the programme helps students to understand what positive changes they need to make in order to realise their aspirations, and what qualities are required to be successful in business and the workplace.

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Be the Change Values

Happiness, confidence, hope, relationships and employability and encourages students to identify their personal barriers to success, before helping them find ways of overcoming them.

Be the Change helps open student’s eyes to the world of work and the wealth of the possibilities and career opportunities in their hometown and beyond. It also provides a great opportunity for businesses to engage with their future workforce, building awareness of their employer brand amongst young people in their local area and providing an innovative way of providing fulfilling and meaningful personal development opportunities for their employees. 


Why Graham?


Graham is a brilliant communicator who ‘gets’ young people and is capable of reaching and motivating even the hardest to reach.


The Be the Change programme was created in partnership with our CEO, Gary Peters. Graham was (and very much is!) the architect and delivery extraordinaire of days 1, 3 and 6 …as well as the author and designer of the handbooks used in the 1:1 school visits!


Since day one, Graham has been the front face of this unique experience and he absolutely loves every single second of his involvement. Since 2016 he has brought the programme to life using his vast experience of working with young people and his expertise to adapt & amend wherever it’s been necessary. The Be the Change team is a strong one and Graham is key to its ongoing success.


Graham grew up in the 1970’s in challenging circumstances on a council estate in a tough area of Merseyside. He knows why some disengaged young people do what they do, because as a teenager he did the same!


Graham went on to be a teacher for 13 years in a very tough school, ran Reach for the Sky for Sky TV and then set up the inspirational company humanutopia – which has gone on to motivate over 450,000 young people all over the country as well as 30,000 school staff.


Graham will engage any audience of any age and size and he will have them laughing one minute and thinking deeply the next. He will illustrate some of the most significant barriers to young people – which they have previously not seen and they will leave the room inspired and motivated to overcome these barriers and make more of their lives.


His work does, can and will have a huge effect on young people and will impact on their behavior and subsequent attainment.

Inspirational one day conferences include an array of powerful, interactive and engaging workshops, presentations, one-on-one and group activities. Facilitated and written by Graham Moore from humanutopia. 

These sessions give the business guides and students the chance to discuss the impact of the conference and explore each students strengths, hopes and influences, along with their challenges perceived barriers and possible solutions. 

Workplace visits offer the students an insight into the world of work and help them gain a better understanding of what different roles and departments and the skills and qualifications needed for those positions and areas of the business. 

The programme is broken down into 3 stages: 

The Objectives: 


To increase business mentoring in schools


To develop the life skills & employability skills of young people


To create sustainable networking opportunities for young people 


To build stronger & more meaningful partnerships 

between local schools & businesses 


To encourage sharing of best practice for careers teaching between local schools


To create more meaningful work experience opportunities for young people


To strengthen the profile of local employers and related career



To inspire young people to consider their route into employment whether that be through FE, HE, apprenticeships, traineeships or work experience placements


94% of business guides felt more positive about their own job as a result of volunteering at Be the Change

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Thank you to all supporters and sponsors across the entire LoveLocalJobs Foundation CIC. 

Without you, we would not be able to do the work that we do.

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Did you know...

Be the Change will help with Ofsted inspections and help you achieve Gatsby benchmarks, in particular, 5, 6 and 7.

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