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Inspiring young people to reach their full potential, personally and professionally.

The Foundation leverages the positivity, influence and incredible inspiration of local businesses and influential local people to engage and inspire young people to become the best possible version of themselves they can be.

Raising aspirations is just one part of the Foundation’s role. It also focusses on the often hidden barriers to job success, including happiness, low self-esteem, belief and relationships. Importantly, it encourages students to identify their own barriers to employability and helps them find ways to overcome them. We leverage the goodwill of local employers and encourage them to actively participate in programmes that inspire the next generation by significantly strengthening their employability skills and ensure they leave school fully equipped for the "world of work".

Our programmes

Creating and collaborating on phenomenal programmes in the local community allows us to address barriers and challenges that young people may face, and provide the opportunities to overcome these.

Since our inception, we've worked around the clock to expand our causes, for those who with an extra helping hand, have the potential to thrive. Our fundraising activities will support various innovative and exciting projects such as our inspirational, local celebrity led Dare to Dream programme.


Changing the way

young people think

Changing lives

Through our community projects in the last 12 months, we've worked with 100 business and 30 schools to help change the lives of 3,000 local young people

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